1750 pc. Plastic Block Set

1750 pc. Plastic Block Set

by William C. Michael

PicassoTiles construction building bricks offer both 3D and 2D endless creative combinations and learning opportunities for all ages (3+ and up), single-player or multiplayer in groups such as preschool, pretend play, teamwork, kindergarten, and parties to feel the sense of achievement together. Easy to construct and quick to put away for storage. No limitations, scalable to build as big as desired by adding more blocks and bricks to create your masterpiece.

Set includes:

— 1750 Regular Size Building Blocks
— 11 Different Colored Construction Bricks
— 6 Individual Brick Shape Styles
— 2 Brick Removal Tools


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William C. Michael

Mr. William C. Michael is the founding headmaster of the <a href=”https://classicalliberalarts.com">Classical Liberal Arts Academy</a>. He graduated from Rutge