Classical Catholic Education

by William C. Michael

The classical Catholic education enjoyed by wise men and saints is available today — for free.

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Free Online Courses for All Ages

For 25 years, we have worked to research, restore, publish and teach the classical Catholic curriculum. In 2022, we are making this curriculum available to all students at no cost. Students are welcome to enroll and make use of our program at no cost for as long as they wish.

- online study materials (most are printable)
- tutorial videos
- online quizzes
- email support

We ask that families who can afford to support our work financially do so by making a donation of any amount, scheduling tutoring meetings, or by subscribing to one of our service plans.

Student Plan

Subscribe to the Academy’s Student Plan and receive all these benefits for only $25 per month:

- access to all online courses
- access to all needed study materials
- access to online quizzes and records
- access to written assignments & grading
- parent access to student results & records
- access to live chat support

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Want more? Add live weekly Zoom meetings with the Premium Student Plan.

New! Tutorial Program

Students ages 14+ can prepare for admission to selective colleges and universities by enriching their high school studies through our Tutorial program. Study the classical liberal arts, classical philosophy and Catholic theology privately with Academy headmaster Mr. William C. Michael.

- all the benefits of the Student Plan (above)
- directed classical Catholic studies
- private tutorial meetings (Zoom video)
- letter of recommendation upon completion

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To discuss financial aid opportunities, please contact us.

Free Book for Parents & Teachers

While we provide the study materials and support they will need, it is important for parents to have a working understanding of what real classical Catholic education is. In 2009, Mr. Michael taught a course on the subject for Catholic parents, which was very popular. In 2020, Mr. Michael collected his lessons and made them available in a free book for Catholic parents and teachers, titled “Understanding Classical Catholic Education”. This book provides a clear explanation of what Catholic home education can — and should — look like.

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Pray the Liturgy of the Hours

Restoring the classical Catholic curriculum is only one part of the challenge we face in the Catholic life. Cultivating a life of daily prayer is also necessary for the restoration of Catholic culture. Catholics are not left to themselves when it comes to prayer, but are called to join in the celebration of the Liturgy of the Hours — the official prayer of the Catholic Church.

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Mr. William C. Michael is the founding headmaster of the <a href=”">Classical Liberal Arts Academy</a>. He graduated from Rutge

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William C. Michael

William C. Michael

Mr. William C. Michael is the founding headmaster of the <a href=”">Classical Liberal Arts Academy</a>. He graduated from Rutge

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