New Help Tools in 2022

by William C. Michael

As we work to make the classical Catholic curriculum available freely to Catholic families, the need for support will always be a challenge. It is not possible to provide live, individualized support at no cost to users. It is not possible to hire staff to answer simple questions 24 hours a day. We must reserve our direct support for students with paid enrollments as this is the means by which the work of the Classical Liberal Arts Academy is supported financially.

I am working to provide 24/7 automated help to make CLAA studies as efficient and convenient as possible for all involved.

New Academy Help Center

A self-service help website is now available for all CLAA users at This Help center provides users with a searchable library of help articles, a community forum where questions can be posted and discussed, and a ticket form that allows help requests to be submitted.

Go to:

The Help Center will constantly be developing and improving. I will be adding answers to every question and issue I receive to the Help center library, making it more and more sufficient to handle most help requests. The use of the Help Center will train the “bot” to provide the best answers to questions over time. I will also be able to track search terms submitted by users and provide for them for the benefit of all users. We can, therefore, work together to make help more easily accessible to new users as we go forward.

Select the CLAA Help button to get help whenever you need it.

Easy Access Help Widget

At the bottom right of the website our old live chat widget has been replaced by a help widget that connects users to the Help center. Users can enter questions or keywords into the Help widget to search the help center articles, create a ticket, start a live chat or give me a call. All help resources are connected and easily accessible.

Create and Track Help Tickets

Often, when help is requested, there is a need for back-and-forth communication until the issue is resolved. This can get messy over email, but tickets allow all issues to be followed from beginning to end using a unique ticket ID. CLAA users can create help tickets and track the status of all of their tickets in the Academy Help center. All tickets created can also be followed and replied to via email if preferred.

Community Forum

Replacing the Academy Forums is a Community Forum that is integrated into the Help Center. Users can visit the Community Forum to post questions or issues that may be responded to by others (not necessarily CLAA staff). Users can help one another using the Community Forums and improve support that’s available for classical Catholic studies. This is a great opportunity for anyone interested in helping us.

Phone Support

Contrary to what many seem to think, I prefer phone conversations to written messages. I have to read and type 15+ hours per day. Handling help requests by phone is an appreciated break for me and they’re usually appreciated by those calling as well. Parents and students over 14 years of age are welcome to call me using the phone number (256–695–0659) provided in the Help Center and on the Help Widget. If I can’t take your call, leave a detailed voice mail with a time when I can call you back.

Please use this resource and don’t leap-frog it when your question has already been answered. This will allow me to keep he CLAA free/affordable for all and to focus on my essential work of publishing, tutoring and grading.

God bless,William C. Michael, HeadmasterClassical Liberal Arts Academy

Mr. William C. Michael is the founding headmaster of the <a href=”">Classical Liberal Arts Academy</a>. He graduated from Rutge